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Seasoned Brokers Leveraging Their Knowledge, Skill, and Expertise to Become Multimillionaire Syndicators...Without Using Their Own Money!


Welcome to the Millionaire Real Estate Syndication Program Overview, your journey to becoming a multimillionaire through the syndication of investment real estate starts with joining The Millionaire Real Estate Syndication Forum.  

This program is an 8-week intensive, each week you will have a 45 to 60 minute recorded webinar focused on a key element (theme) for building your syndication business.  In addition to the weekly webinars, you will have access to interviews, insights, and helpful tips from industry experts that are relative to each of the weekly themes and learning objectives.  These interviews, insights, and helpful tips will help you master the art of syndication, allowing you to accelerate your learning and have up and running within weeks.  Inside your personal library, you will also have access to prior Group Q & A Sessions, and the Framework For Creating Your First Real Estate Syndication coarse.  

Once you enroll for the program, you and I will have a kickoff call to walk through the program and together we design your unique syndication business and set your personal goals and expectations.  Every Friday at noon (PST) I host a Group Q & A Session for current enrollee's in the program so you can ask your questions and learn from others in the program by listening to the answers to their questions.  You and I will have a 1-on-1 check-in midway through the program and again when you are ready to present your capstone project. 

Below are the individual themes for each week: 

Week 1 - Mindset

Week 2 - Criteria

Week 3 - Investors

Week 4 - Team

Week 5 - Legal

Week 6 - Networking

Week 7 - Case Study

Week 8 - Case Study 

Remember, I am here to assist you with your transformation and work along side of you as you go through this learning process. 

I promise you, if you show up coachable, decisive, and committed to your dream of building a consistent annual 6-figure income from owning and controlling investment properties, this is the program for you.

This is and will be truly a life changing program...together we will turn you into a successful syndicator.  

So let's get started!

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