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About Me... 

I am a licensed commercial real estate broker, asset manager, and former tax professional with Deloitte, with over 25 years of professional experience who has provided professional services to over $3b worth of investment real estate; retail, industrial, office, residential, senior living, hospitality, self-storage, and land.

My Services... 

 I provide five key services centered around maximizing asset value, cash flow, and wealth creation; Valuations, Highest & Best Use Analysis, Management, Brokerage, and CRE Syndications. 


True and accurate property valuations are more than just a few comparables…Changes in commercial real estate, ranging from tax implications, environmental issues, ingress and egress, frontage, zoning, income, age, and alternative uses are all factors that profoundly influence a property’s market value.  The criteria combined with market fluctuations and lending requirements contribute to the many complexities of  commercial real estate valuation.  By leveraging my many years of experience in asset management, property management, brokerage, and public accounting, combined with using current market data and valuation methods, I am able to produce timely, accurate, high-quality, and reliable reports for you and your team of advisors to assist with both short-term and long-term planning.   

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Highest & Best Use Analysis

As part of your balance sheet optimization, you need to accurately understand how your real estate investments fit into your overall financial plan.¬† As part of the asset optimization process, I am engaged to work along side the ownerships financial advisor, CPA, and/or attorney to perform a detailed review of the property and create an analysis report highlighting maximizing property value and cash flow, which I call the ‚ÄúHighest & Best Use Analysis‚ÄĚ.¬† This analysis and process is pivotal to maximizing the assets value and optimizing its cash flow.¬† What is part of the Highest & Best Use Analysis?¬† Cash Flow Analysis, Market Review and Analysis, Asset Reposition Analysis, Lease(s) Review and Analysis, Management Review and Analysis, Financing Analysis, and Investment Risk Analysis.¬†

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Management Services

Your commercial real estate should be managed with the same expertise and objectivity as your other assets and as such, I work with clients and their advisors to build a collaborative strategy to maximize the property’s value and optimize its cash flow.  As your TRUSTED Real Estate Advisor, my fiduciary responsibility is to leverage my experience and network of experts to drive financial success for your portfolio.  In order for us to achieve financial success, we must have a cohesive plan derived from a collaborative effort centered around ownerships goals and objectives.  History shows us that a well-managed portfolio has the highest probability of success, whether that be a stock portfolio or portfolio of real estate investments. My day-to-day hands-on approach, starts with me sitting on the same side of the table as ownership, focused on the success of each property in the portfolio and making decisions that are best for the outcome of the holdings and owners, not my personal gain.  Unbiased, conflict free, and full transparency are the core values I embrace when it comes to providing management services.    

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Brokerage Services

In order to provide the best-in-class brokerage service to a client, one must possess the best talent, skill, knowledge, and asset expertise required to create an exceptional outcome.  Don’t be fooled, no one person can possibly know everything there is to know about every asset type and market.  I am a great sales professional, but my core values of unbiased, conflict free, and full transparency does not allow me to over sell my abilities, just to make a buck.  It is my fiduciary responsibility to assemble and manage the right team of brokers, and industry professionals that share my core values and have the industry and market expertise needed for my clients transaction to be successful.  My duty is to get my client the outcome they desire in whatever the commercial transaction might be; buying, selling, leasing, sale leaseback, 1031 exchange, selling/buying a business, or investing in a real estate partnership.  This is why I pride myself in being able to orchestrate the collaboration with the true industry experts, increasing the probability of a meaningful and successful transaction, and my client achieving what they want and need. 

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Syndication Services...

I have been involved in over $3b worth of real estate transactions, including creating, managing, and selling over $400m in syndications representing all asset classes.

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- Issaquah, WA

- Multi-Tenant

- Strip Center

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- Tustin, CA

- Multi-Tenant

- Flex Space

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- Issaquah, WA

- Multifamily

- Townhomes 

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- Spokane, WA

- Multi-Tenant

- Office / Flex Use

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Senior Living

- Bothell, WA

- Master Lease

- Senior Living

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- Chelan County, WA

- Residential Construction

- Private Lending

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- Issaquah, WA

- Condo Development

- Residential

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- Manson, WA

- Vacation / 2nd Home

- Co-Ownership

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I have taught The Art of Syndication to brokers, agents, and investors representing 100s of real estate firms...

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