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1.  Free Video:  5 Simple Steps Brokers Use To Build Their Syndication Business

Watch my introductory video to learn the 5 simple steps commercial brokers use to build their multimillion-dollar real estate portfolio...without using their own money!

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2.  Online Training:  Framework For Creating Your First Real Estate Syndication

Inside this in-depth online training and education course, I will dish out everything you need to know to create a winning real estate syndication offer.  This is my exact system, step-by-step.

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3.  Millionaire Syndicator Program:  1:1 and Group Coaching

The Millionaire Real Estate Syndicator Accelerator Program is for seasoned brokers who are wanting to learn how to leverage their industry knowledge, skill, and expertise to become a multimillionaire syndicator...without using their own money!

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So who am I?

I am a licensed commercial real estate broker with over 25 years of professional experience providing property management, asset management, brokerage, and advisement services to investment property owners in multiple states and countries. 

I am also a Millionaire Real Estate Syndicator who has created a lucrative annual income and substantial real estate portfolio through real estate and syndications.

I specialize in educating, motivating, and inspiring others to build their own millionaire real estate syndication business...a true transformation!

I was twice nominated for the Ernst & Young's Pacific Northwest Entrepreneur of the Year award for creating a first of its kind online continuing education site for Certified Public Accountants and Finance Professionals.  

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I have been involved in over $3b worth of real estate transactions, including creating, managing and selling over $400m in syndications in all asset classes.



- Issaquah, WA

- Multi-Tenant

- Neighborhood Center


- Tustin, CA

- Multi-Tenant

- Flex Space


- Issaquah, WA

- Multi-Unit

- Townhomes


- Spokane, WA

- Multi-Tenant

- Office / Flex Use

Senior Living

- Bothell, WA

- Master Lease

- Senior Living


- Chelan County, WA

- Residential Construction

- Private Lending

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I have taught The Art of Syndication to brokers, agents, and investors representing 100s of real estate firms...