Helping Commercial Brokers Acquire Investment Properties, Without Using Their Own Money!

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I have taught the Art of Syndication to brokers, agents, and investors representing 100s of real estate firms…

I have actively created, managed, and sold more than $400m worth of syndications...


- Issaquah, WA

- Multi-Tenant

- Neighborhood Center


- Tustin, CA

- Multi-Tenant

- Flex Space


- Issaquah, WA

- Multi-Unit

- Townhomes


- Spokane, WA

- Multi-Tenant

- Office / Flex Use

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Who Is The Millionaire Real Estate Syndicator Accelerator Program For?

My Millionaire Real Estate Syndicator Accelerator Program is for licensed brokers and agents that work with buyers and sellers and want to generate a six-figure annual income, build a seven-figure net worth, and own and control an eight-figure real estate portfolio without using any of their own capital.

If you are a licensed commercial broker or agent tired of watching others around you build substantial wealth through real estate investing, then take the first step to learning how to add syndications to your practice today and start your journey to becoming a Millionaire Real Estate Syndicator.

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What You Will Learn In The Millionaire Real Estate Syndicator Accelerator Program

The step-by-step system to building a multimillion-dollar real estate portfolio, six-figure annual income, and seven-figure net worth

Why providing traditional brokerage services does not create wealth; by adding the five simple steps to your practice you can start to build long-term wealth

How to capitalize on your current contacts to generate consistent six-figure annual income, without offering traditional real estate services

How making the simple mind shift from broker or agent to investor can allow you to raise capital easily, even if you have never raised capital before

How to turn listing appointments into an investment opportunity, and have the confidence to acquire the property versus just another listing

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So, Who Am I?

Licensed Commercial Real Estate Broker

I am a licensed commercial real estate broker with over 25 years of professional experience providing property management, asset management, brokerage, and advisement services to investment property owners in multiple states and countries.

Millionaire Real Estate Syndicator

I am also a Millionaire Real Estate Syndicator who has created a lucrative annual income and substantial real estate portfolio through real estate and syndications.

Educator, Motivator, Inspirer

I specialize in educating, motivating, and inspiring others to build their own millionaire real estate syndication business...a true transformation! 


I was twice nominated for Ernst & Young's Pacific Northwest Entrepreneur of the Year award for creating a first of its kind online continuing education site for Certified Public Accountants and Finance Professionals.

Here’s what brokers and agents have said about the Art of Syndication training

Amanda G.

“Derek is one of the best local resources with clarity and integrity and solid experience and so humble and generous.”

Ryan M.

"Easy to understand and makes me excited to do a syndication on my next investment.”

Nicole A.

“Derek was engaging and a positive inspiration for the practical application of syndications, thank you Derek!  Very Helpful” 

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