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Inside this in-depth 5+ hours of training and education, I will dish out EVERYTHING you need to know to create a WINNING real estate syndication offer, including:

  • How to turn your skills and expertise into an INVESTABLE offer that's easily worth $100k or more to you
  • How to cost effectively put together a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM)
  • How to STRUCTURE your offer the right way, with the right paperwork, so you can raise money legally
  • How to position yourself in the market to attract the RIGHT investors
  • Tips on how to best communicate with your significant other, to be on the same page
  • Interviews with industry experts sharing insights on best practices
  • And, much, much more!

You MUST be willing to roll up your sleeves, and get some serious WORK done on your syndication business...this is not "get rich quick".  I've helped clients create syndications and I've done my own syndications that have generated multiple six-figure returns.  So, be sure you're ready to work - register for this training and be ready to learn the right strategy!

I know first hand, with the right knowledge and training you WILL generate more cash flow and build wealth through adding syndications to your practice...I know, because I have done it!

Take the next step in your journey to becoming a multimillionaire through The Art of Syndication by registering today. 

Time to go to work...

Talk soon, 

Derek Doke, CCIM